Substance Abuse Addiction Counseling

I have a tremendous amount of experience with substance abuse and addiction. Addiction is a chronic, progressive, and sometimes fatal illness. Although addiction and substance abuse is chronic and progressive, it is very treatable. Most addicts have tried to quit on their own and failed on numerous occasions. Fighting addiction is not a solo mission. We need to partner with someone who understands the difficulties of early recovery. The first year of recovery is very challenging. Addicts come to realize during the first few months of sobriety that staying abstinent is only part of the journey of being in recovery. Recovery is about changing old thinking patterns and behaviors, understanding core beliefs, finding new support, and learning how to live life on life's terms. It is about learning how to live in the day and not get caught up in the guilt of yesterday or the fears of tomorrow.

I understand how challenging it is to get sober. It is even more challenging to stay sober long term. Our work will change the longer we work together. Initially we will identify relapse warning signs and how to avoid them. We will also look at old thinking patterns that are handicapping your ability to get sober. Relapse prevention will always be the top priority. Once sobriety is established our therapy will shift to core beliefs and inner child issues. We will dissect and understand how this has played a role in your continued addiction. My goal will be to partner with you on your new journey of recovery, and help you to see things that are not so obvious.