"I have been greatly helped through my experience having Jason as my therapist. I first worked with Jason when I was a patient at Ridgeview Institute and he was my case manager. As facilitator of my small group therapy, we established a working relationship that immediately made me feel comfortable and more open to discovering those areas that held me back in becoming a healthier, more fulfilled human being. As a result of this, I wanted to continue working with him one on one as my private therapist. I feel it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Jason has a way of seeing around emotional corners and of providing insight to situations, dynamics, and patterns that I as a patient don't necessarily have language for. With his help I have been able to better articulate my feelings and understand motivations in my behavior I previously had no cognizance of at all and for that I am very grateful. I would recommend Jason to anyone who felt the need for therapy or just wanted to better understand themselves and the world around them." (Michael F)

" T here's always that feeling of judgement when starting therapy, (this person is a stranger) and having to figure each other out. After the very first visit, I knew Jason was a keeper. I trusted him COMPLETELY! I've grown so much in one year, through him; than ever before. He respects me and he challenges me, (which is exactly what I needed for growth to happen). He's always been there, even "off duty". (If I was really struggling). I literally look forward to every session, each week. He's made me be capable of loving myself. For the good and not so good." (Stephanie R)

"I am forever indebted to Jason for being instrumental in the recovery of my family, career and life. I first had the pleasure of meeting Jason when he was appointed my case manager at the Ridgeview Institute. He created an environment that was secure and open to self exploration, which helped guide me to have an experience that would drastically change my perspective and outlook on life. After a short period of time I was given the opportunity to have Jason as my therapist. My wife and I would see Jason for couples therapy and individual therapy. Jason has always encouraged me to personally grow by exploring my behaviors and emotions while allowing me to set the pace. Even after moving away from the ATL area recently Jason has extended his helping hand to guide me through major life changes." (Lance C)