Anxiety Counseling

Many addicts discover that once the drug of choice is removed that there is an underlying condition of anxiety. Anxiety is crippling at times. You are literally worried about everything and in a constant state of fear. Whether it is social anxiety, OCD, panic disorder, or generalized anxiety, it can be detrimental to someone's ability to function in a healthy way. Anxiety can feel like you are always waiting for something to go wrong. This is exhausting, but it is treatable. My experience while working in a psychiatric hospital has allowed me to work with a lot of patients who suffer from an anxiety disorder. A key to overcoming anxiety is having a safe place to talk openly about your fears and thoughts. My work with you will involve CBT therapy, and we look at how your thinking is impacting your behaviors.

We will also look at reframing and changing perspectives. Having another perspective on something is very helpful, but we often have a hard time coming up with alternative perspectives on our own. We will call out all irrational thought patterns and will learn how to redirect our thinking so that we are not constantly paralyzed by anxiety.