Relationship Counseling

Addiction and codependency go hand in hand. Over the years I have worked with countless couples and families to help them restore their relationships after a long and grueling history of addiction. Relationships can be very confusing at times. Whether it is a relationship with family members, friends, co-workers or acquaintances, sometimes we get stuck in old behavioral patters and do not know how to break them. We learn how to have and maintain relationships from our parents or caretakers. Unfortunately our caretakers may have done the best job they could do, but we have to remember that they are only passing along what they know. It is time for us to redefine how we want to operate in a relationship and start practicing self care behaviors.

I teach my clients how to advocate for themselves within a relationship. Boundary setting is a skill that some of us did not learn growing up. Setting boundaries is essential to healthy relationships. Together we will talk it through and formulate a plan for how to start setting boundaries and taking care of yourself in the relationship. We will also work on and practice healthy communication skills.Together we will identify where you are not communicating in an healthy way, and you will be challenged to practice new communication skills. 

Relationships require constant work and maintenance. Avoiding relational issues seems like the easier thing to do, but in the end it only keeps everyone involved in a pattern of dysfunction.